Fondazione Accademia di Musica WTS
Viale Giolitti, 7 – 10064 | Pinerolo (To)
Tel. +39 0121 321040 – Cell. +39 393 9062821


Honorary President: Giorgio Bresso
President: Laura Richaud
Artistic Director: Laura Richaud

Assistant Artistic Director
Cinzia Conti  –

Artistic Committee
Laura Richaud –

Head of Administration
Alessandra Sciabica –

Secretary- administration and organization
Noemi D’Agostino –

Elisa Baldissera

Promotion and Press Office
Paola Bologna  –

Photography Credits
Giorgio Vergnano, Remo Caffaro

Web Designer
Ljuba Daviè

Margaret Kenneally –

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    > How to reach the Accademia di Musica di Pinerolo, the venue of the Competition


    Pinerolo stands at the entrance to two splendid valleys, Val Pellice and Val Chisone, now famous all over the world thanks to the Olympic Winter Games of 2006.

    30 kms from Turin, Pinerolo is easy to get to: either by public transport, with trains and buses leaving the city regularly; or by car – take SS no. 23 road or the recently built Torino–Pinerolo motorway.

    Nearest airport is Torino Caselle (50 km).

    Once in Pinerolo, walk across the park in front of the station to reach the school.

    The Accademia di Musica di Pinerolo is housed in an imposing building that is also home to the National Cavalry Museum. After extensive renovations, the new venue was inaugurated on 14 October 2000. The Accademia has a concert hall seating 120, eight sound-proofed rooms for teaching or for practising, two rooms housing libraries (books and record/tapes), as well as an area for admin offices. Students can therefore carry out their individual practice inside the school.

    > How to reach the Conservatorio “G. Verdi”, the venue of the final of the Competition

    Via Mazzini 11, 10123 Torino (TO) near Porta Nuova Station