Winners of the 2023
International Chamber Music Competition
Pinerolo e Torino Città metropolitana

Great suspense at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatoire in Torino, with the concert hall packed out and the audience ready to applaud the winners of the final of the International Chamber Music Competition “Pinerolo e Torino Città Metropolitana”, the prestigious bi-annual chamber music competition (a member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions in Geneva). From 6 to 12 March, some of the most talented young musicians on the international music scene performed in Pinerolo and Turin. Music lovers of Turin took advantage of the free admission to an exciting final concert,  where the ensembles performing were competing for prizes totalling 23,000 euros,  filling the Conservatoire concert hall and transforming the final into a major cultural event. There was also a a performance by Fondazione Cirko Vertigo. The presenter for the concert was Mario Acampa.

Before the final concert have been the speaches by Laura Richaud, Director of Accademia di Musica, Peter Paul Kainrath, President of World Federation of International Music Competitions di Ginevra; Rosanna Purchia, Councillor for Culture of Torino; Franco Milanesi, Councillor for Culture and Education for Pinerolo.



The jury of eminent musicians had admitted 5 ensembles to the final due the exceptionally high level of the competitors. The President of the jury Claus-Christian Schuster (piano, Austria), together with Lukas Hagen (Austria, violin); Gabriele Mirabassi (Italia, clarinet); Liisa Randalu (Estonia, viola); Miklós Perényi (Ungheria, cello); Marco Zuccarini (Italia, conductor); Joel Hoffman (USA), compositore selected the finalists from the over 125 musicians who entered the competition, performing in 50 chamber music ensembles (under 33) from 18 countries all over the world  (Italia, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Japan, Armenia, Olanda, Uruguay, Bolivia, China, Kazakistan, South Korea, Poland, Austria, Russia, Serbia, USA). They awarded the following prizes (ph. Giorgio Vergnano):


aka duo primo premio icm competition

1st PRIZE 10.000 €
Città di Pinerolo e Torino Città metropolitana


The prize was presented by

Elena Apollonio Presidente della Commissione Diritti e Pari opportunità del Comune di Torino
Franco Milanesi alla Cultura della Città di Pinerolo

Trio Orelon 2 premio Tronzano Bairati

2nd PRIZE 6.000 €
Accademia di Musica


The prize was presented by

Andrea Tronzano al Bilancio e alle Finanze della Regione Piemonte
Andrea Bairati Presidente dell’Accademia di Musica

3° premio 
€ 3.000 - Premio Club pinerolesi
consegnato da 
Alberto Occelli (Rotary Pinerolo)
Roberto Pettiti (Lions Pinerolese Host)
Francesca Pignatelli (Zonta Club Pinerolo)

3rd PRIZE 3.000 €
Club pinerolesi


The prize was presented by

Alberto Occelli Rotary Pinerolo
Roberto Pettiti Lions Pinerolese Host
Francesca Pignatelli Zonta Club Pinerolo

Duo Dallagnese

4th PRIZE 2.000 €
Premio Canè Medical Technology


The prize was presented by

Paolo Cané

Laura Richaud e Tovesco Trio

5th PRIZE 1.000 €
Top Casa


The prize was presented by

Laura Richaud Direttore artistico dell’Accademia di Musica

Laura Richaud e Tovesco Trio

SPECIAL PRIZE  Jewellery (Dodo Pomellato) for each member
Patrizia Cerutti Bresso
for the best performance of a composition by Schumann o Brahms


The prize was presented by

Giorgio Bresso Presidente onorario dell’Accademia di Musica

Premio speciale “InClassic” 
un sito web professionale e un anno di hosting
consegnato da
Claus-Christian Schuster, Presidente della giuria



The prize was presented by

Claus-Christian Schuster Presidente della giuria

Premio del pubblico
€ 1.000 - Clinica dentale Cappellin
consegnato da 
Mario Cappellin

€ 1.000
Clinica dentale Cappellin


The prize was presented by

Mario Cappellin

premio al pubblico schuster


The audience played an active role in the final, as they were able to vote for their favourite ensemble, thus awarding the Audience Prize. Everyone who voted was eligible to compete for the Prize for the Audience. One name was drawn at random to select the lucky winner of a travel voucher  for a trip of their choice (2 nights, 2 breakfasts e 2 dinners in hotel 3* and 4* for 2 people).

The prize was presented by

Claus-Christian Schuster Presidente di giuria

premio al pubblico schuster


Each finalist group received a sweet gift from Galup, a historic Pinerolo-based company of international renown.

“The International Chamber Music Competition – Pinerolo e Torino Città Metropolitana, has many features that make it unique among music competitions in Italy. It is recognized by the World Federation of International Music Competitions in Geneva, and for Turin, over the years, it has become an important and prestigious cultural event that puts the city and its surrounding area centre stage on the international music scene. This event enables the Accademia di Musica of Pinerolo to discover, encourage, and support the careers of young talents in the field of music, while we, the City Council of Torino, remain firmly committed to maintaining our collaboration with the school, renewing again this year our memorandum of understanding. Now that the restrictions imposed by the pandemic emergency seem to be well behind us, Turin is proud to once again be able to host the final round of the competition in the splendid setting of the “Giuseppe Verdi” auditorium at the Turin Conservatoire. It makes us very happy to be able to give these talented young people the exciting opportunity to perform in public in a concert hall that is so rich in history and culture and that occupies an undisputed place in the history of classical music in our city”.

Stefano Lo Russo

Mayor of Torino e della Città Metropolitana

“The competition is another opportunity for Pinerolo to open its doors to the world. And what the world brings to Pinerolo in terms of music and creativity, enriches our city, a city with a long history but also intent on developing projects for life today. From this music and the values it conveys, we can learn how to listen, how to work diligently, how to make our individual voices harmonize with those of others. The Pinerolo City Council would therefore like to thank the teachers of the Accademia, the school management, its sponsors, and the audiences that for years have responded enthusiastically to the musical events it has offered the community”.

Luca Salvai

Mayor of Pinerolo

“Similarly, in almost thirty years, we have seen the Competition grow. Initially an event attracting musicians only from Piedmont, competing in the categories of solo piano and trio, over time the competition has added other ensemble formats, from the duo to the sextet, and today, at venues in Pinerolo and Turin, it provides a stage for some of the most talented musicians (under 33) on the international music scene. The high cultural value intrinsic to our competition has been validated by the fact that since 2017, through a Memorandum of Understanding, the City of Pinerolo and the City of Torino have made the commitment to fund the organization of the event, which now bears the names of both cities. Our sincere thanks go to the Mayors and Councillors for Culture of these two cities, who have enabled us to demonstrate concretely what we have always believed true: an important event needs to be supported by an important cultural context, the context of a city and its surrounding province”.

Laura Richaud

Accademia di Musica Director

Premiazione 2023 ICM Competition tutti i finalisti



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